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GM Mini MDI - felkodsläsare för GM


Lägg till i varukorg:

  • Modell: 1381-3033
  • Fraktvikt: 1.5kg
  • Pris: $229

Mini MDI införs med bara Pass-Thru programmering kapacitet. Den kan användas för att utföra genomkopplings (Pass-thru) programmering på alla fordon tillverkade sedan 1993 och kommer att stödja alla fordon i framtiden.The Mini MDI kommer att krävas för att utföra diagnostik på utvalda NAO fordon från årsmodell 2009. Föreskrifter kräver programmerings procedur för att vara kompatibel med SAE rekommenderad J2534. SPS är kompatibel med SAE rekommenderad J2534 och Mini MDI är kompatibel den der av SAE J2534 som är tillämplig för GM fordon.

What is good of MDI?

1. MDI: Increase reprogramming speed 20-70% and get ready to service new models

For pass-through programming of electronic control units on all vehicles made since 1996 and future model releases. The MDI is between 20% and 70% faster than Tech. Also remember the MDI allows a single technician to wirelessly view multiple MDI from a single PC. This means a technician is no longer tied to the constraints of cable access points within a service bay- further increasing productivity and profitability.

2. the MDI is a valuable addition to your toolbox that will improve your profitability now!

KEY POINT: the MDI is the exclusive tool for serving future vehicles- we encourage you to purchase at least one MDI as soon as possible so you are ready to service new models!
MDI is the only full-spectrum diagnostic and reprogramming tool capable of serving new Delta and Epsilon vehicles (with auxiliary CAN bus that cannot be served by Tech2). Below is the list of vehicles being delivered this year that will rely exclusively on an MDI for service. Also note that diagnostic software upgrades are planned for release later this year for additional new 2009 and 2010 models.

Package including:
1pc x MDI Mini Interface
1pc x USB cable
1pc x Ethernet cable
1pc x Owner’s manual CD
1pc x Suit Case


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