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Newly Remote Master


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  • Model: 1656-4032
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5lbs
  • Regular Price: $99


Function includes Chinese-English transmit menu, frequency display, remote control copy, remote control regenerate, line inter-transfer and upgrade and so on. It is suitable for the remote control and the match of theftproof annunciator, decoding, debugging and check. (Including car theftproof implement, wireless theft proof implement, garage door remote control, and electric control door remote control. 

This copy machine can be used to copy each factory brand's remote control swiftly; including fix code, computer code, and part of roll code. 

Its function have remote control regenerate and frequency check and so on . Equip three remote control (Including size 1, 2, 3). It is easy to operate according to the introduction in using manual. 


1. It can copy all fixed code, long code, rolling code, mainly computer code, it is unlimited by the brand, and adjust frequency range from 220Mhz to 450Mhz.(Other fixed frequency can be customized).
3. It can read frequency and anti-recopy
4. There are 3kinds of sub-remote NO.A fixed code, NO.B computer code, NO.C rolling code (Hoping code)



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