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Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope JDS2012S


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  • Model: JDS2012S
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5lbs
  • Regular Price: $239

Maximum sampling rate: 200MSa / S
Channel: 1
Bandwidth: 25MHz
Vertical resolution: 8
Input range:
                     10mV - 5V; x1
                     100mV - 50V; x10
                     1V - 500V; x100
                     (1,2,5 step)
Vertical accuracy: +/- 3%
Impedance: 1MΩ 25pF
Coupling: DC AC
Display mode: YT
Input voltage: 40V (x1); 400V (x10); 4000V (x100)
Time base range: 10ns-50ms (1,2,5 step) 100ms-5s (Scan scanning)
Memory depth: 2k
Trigger modes: Auto, Normal, Single
Trigger Type: Rising, Falling
Automatic detection: 50Hz-40MHz
Measurement: peak to peak, duty cycle, frequency, period
Cursor: time, voltage
Screen: 3.2-inch 16-bit true color TFT 320 * 240 bare 400g
Multimeter functions:
Full-scale reading: 6000 counts
DC voltage: 60.00mV, 600.0mV, 6.000V, 60.00V, 600.0V, 1000V.
AC voltage: 60.00mV, 600.0mV, 6.000V, 60.00V, 600.0V, 750V.
DC Current: 60.00mA / 600.0mA, 6.000A / 10.00A.
AC current: 60.00mA / 600.0mA, 6.000A / 10.00A.
Resistance: 600.0Ω, 6.000kΩ, 60.00kΩ, 600.0kΩ, 6.000MΩ, 60.00MΩ.
Capacitance: 40.00nF, 400.0nF, 4.000μF, 40.00μF, 400.0μF, 4000μF (30sec.).
Diode: 0V ~ 2.0V.
Off detection: When 600.0Ω range detecting, sounding less than 30Ω


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