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FVDI o AVDI felkodsläsare och programmerare - 2020


Lägg till i varukorg:

  • Modell: 1650-4030-2
  • Fraktvikt: 2kg
  • Pris: $499

Äldre version 2020 FVDI&AVDI diagnostikverktyg och commander med alla mjukvaror kan göra nästan allt som går att göra på en bil:

- Diagnostik och felsökning,
- Justering och ändring av mätarställningen
- ECU programmering
- Nyckel programmering
- Service interval återställning
- kodning mm

Nu med stöd för 18 mjukvaror

Currently FVDI can be distributed with 18 following diagnostic software:

1. ABRITES Commander for VAG - VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda;
2. ABRITES Commander for Porsche ;
3. ABRITES Commander for Mercedes/Smart/Maybach ;
4. ABRITES Commander for OPEL/VAUXHALL ;
5. ABRITES Commander for BMW;
6. ABRITES Commander for Peugeot/Citroen;
7. ABRITES Commander for Fiat/Alfa/Lancia;
8. Abrites Commander for Renault;
9. Abrites Commander for Toyota/Lexus;
10. Abrites Commander for Hyundai/KIA ;
11. Abrites Commander for Nissan/Infiniti;
12. ABRITES TAG Key Tool;
13. Abrites Commander for Ford

  • Special functions for FORD
  •  - Mileage recalibration by OBDII

14.Abrites Commander for VOLVO

  • Special functions for VOLVO
  •  - Mileage recalibration by OBDII in instrument cluster and CEM module - S40, V40, V50, S60, S80, V70, S80, XC60, XC70, XC90
  •  -Read/program internal EEPROM of the instrument cluster by OBDII - S40, V40, V50, S60, S80, V70, S80, XC60, XC70, XC90

15.ABRITES Commander for Mitsubishi

  • Special functions for Mitsubishi
  •  - EDC15 ECU - R/W eeprom and flash memory
  •  - Key learning Advanced

16.Abrites Commander for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep

  • Special functions for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep
  •  - Key learning
  •  - Mileage Recalibration
  •  - ECU 

17. Abrites Commander for DAF
18. Abrites Commander for Bikes, Snowmobiles and Water scooters

FVDI language (some other languages can be available):

1. ABRITES Commander for VAG - VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda
    Supported languages: English, Germany, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Danish, Czech, Chinese, Bulgarian.;
2. ABRITES Commander for Mercedes/Smart/Maybach
    Supported languages: English, Germany, Spanish, French, Italian, Danish, Romanian, Czech, Bulgarian.;
3. ABRITES Commander for BMW
    Supported languages: English.;
    Supported languages: English.;
5. ABRITES Commander for Peugeot/Citroen
    Supported languages: English, French, Turkish.;
6. ABRITES Commander for Fiat/Alfa/Lancia
    Supported languages: English, Germany, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Danish, Czech, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish.;
7. Abrites Commander for Renault
    Supported languages: English.;
8. Abrites Commander for Toyota/Lexus
    Supported languages: English.;
9. Abrites Commander for Hyundai/KIA
    Supported languages: English, Czech, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian.;
10. ABRITES Commander for Porsche
    Supported languages: English.;
11. ABRITES Commander for Nissan/Infiniti
    Supported languages: English.;
12. ABRITES Commander for Tag
    Supported languages: English.;
13. ABRITES Commander for Ford
    Supported languages: English.;
14.ABRITES Commander forVolvo
Supported languages: English.;
15.ABRITES Commander for Mitsubishi
Supported languages: English.;
16.ABRITES Commander for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep
Supported languages: English.;

Main features:

  1. Compatible with all diagnostic software produced by flyobd
  2. SAE J2534 compliant driver available for our interfaces
  3. Compatible with many 3rd party diagnostic software
  4. Supporting external communication link with transponder programmer and IC programmer
  5. Compatibility with Toyota/Lexus/Scion Techstream
  6. Compatibility with Honda/Acura HDS
  7. Compatibility with Volvo VIDA
  8. Compatibility with DAS/Xentry - Star Diagnosis
  9. Compatibility with Ford Scanner
  10. Compatibility with BMW - DIS over K-line and CAN bus
  11. Compatibility with BMW - E-Sys, INPA, EDIABAS, NCS Expert, NFS over K-line and CAN bus
  12. Compatibility with Rover/Jaguar IDS
  13. Compatibility with Subaru Select Monitor III
  14. Compatibility with Bombardier diagnostic software
  15. Compatibility with GM - Tech2Win diagnostic software
  16. Compatibility with HYUNDAI GDS
  17. Compatibility with KIA GDS

Technical specification:

1. K-line ISO 9141 (100 mA) multiplexed to 24 different pins of the diagnostic connector 
2. ISO14230 compliant 
3. Single wire CAN bus multiplexed to different pins of diagnostic connector 
4. Dual wire low speed CAN bus multiplexed to different pins of diagnostic connector 
5. Dual wire high speed CAN bus multiplexed to different pins of diagnostic connector 
6. CAN bus GMLAN, ISO14229, ISO15765, J1939, ISO22901 compliant 
7. USB interface to the PC 
8. Supply voltage 8..30V DC
9. OBDII cable 
10. Updatable firmware 

FVDI Kit Includes depending of your choises:

1- Vehicle Diagnostic Interface
2- OBD-16 Cable
3- USB 2.0 Cable
4- TAG Key Tool
5- Dongle(For VAG,BMW and Reanult)
6- Mercedes-Benz 38 pin
7- Mercedes-Benz sprinter
8- Mercedes-Benz special
9- Mercedes-Benz special 2
10- Mercedes-Benz special 3
11- Mercedes-Benz special 4
12- vag edc17 and med17 ecu plug adapter
13- For VAG,BMW and Reanult
14- bmw cas plug adapter (Only for bmw)
15- Box

Ex. for functions for different cars:

1.AVDI for BMW

ABRITES Commander for BMW is a PC - Windows based diagnostic software for dealer level access to the vehicle (identification, trouble codes and so...), mileage recalibration, key programming, programming vehicle order.
Tool can access CAS1, CAS2, CAS3 and CAS3+ by OBDII independent from the firmware of the CAS. Also you can perform unusual for remaining diagnostic tools operations with the electronic modules inside of the vehicle like programming Vehicle Order and Coding of electronic control units. Access to the EEPROM memory of the units in the vehicle. Covers vehicles BMW series starting from E36 up to latest models F series (F01,F10,F20,F25 and so...).

Functions included in the base package (AVDI interface)

1. Identification (VIN, mileage, production data)    2. Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (current, history and shadow)   
3. Added DTCs in 17 languages: English, German, French, Thai, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Indonesian, Korean, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Chinese traditional, Russian,     Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese. DTC conditions information (Odometer value, Timestamp, full engine status report for EDC17)   
4. Some DTCs (mostly that of F series) are given detailed documentation of what caused the problem and how the problem should be handled   
5. Manager of service intervals, reset service reminders (CBS)   
6. Measured values/live data   
7. Read and Program Engine Control Unit flash memory for tuning purposes by OBDII   
8. Entering and leaving from logistic mode of the modules in the vehicle   
9. Synchronization DME/DDE and EWS/CAS, CAS and ELV   
10. Enable / Disable of the keys   
11. Enable / Disable of TV function for E3x,E46,E5x,E83,E85,E86 (for the next bodies available via unit coding)   
12. Ability for diagnostic on internal CAN buses   
13. Read / Program mileage from the IKE, LCM, EWS, ECU, ABS, VTG, EGS (please refer coverage list)   
14. Displaying KEY CUTTING code (mechanical code) stored in CAS modules

Special functions:

1. Service intervals/CBS - ability for programming of service counters by OBDII   
2. Programming flash memory of all electronic control units by OBDII (can be used directly databases released from BMW)    
3. Programming Vehicle Order data (you can add new units to configuration of the vehicle) - E body   
4. Coding (configuration) of each electronic control unit in the vehicle - E body   
5. Programming identification of the modules in the vehicle *   
6. Programming User Information Fields in the electronic modules *   
7. Read / Write of memory of the electronic control modules *   
8. Program mileage stored in CAS1, CAS2 and CAS3 by OBDII   
9. Program keys by OBDII - CAS1, CAS2 and CAS3 systems - support latest versions CAS3 updated in 2011 year   
10. Key programming for CAS3+ with latest firmware version (ISTA-P 45)   
11. Preparing a keys by dump for BMW models with CAS4 - newest BMW 1, 5, 5 GT, 6, 7, X3 series ( body Fxx)   
12. Read / Write eeprom from CAS1 via OBDII   
13. Read / Write eeprom data from CAS2/CAS3 via dash connector or cas-connector   
14. Read / Program mileage stored in different electronic control units by OBDII like ECU, EGS, SGM, JBBF and many others   
15. Extracting and programming synchronization code between ECU and CAS by OBDII   
16. Ability to works together with transponder programmer
* Not granted for all type of control modules.

2.AVDI for Mercedes Benz

ABRITES Mercedes Commander is a professional software for diagnostic of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It allows you to perform complete diagnostics of all 1995-present Mercedes-Benz models. It provides some unique functions, which are not supported by any other diagnostic tool.
Diagnostics is performed via the OBD-II connector or via Mercedes-Benz proprietary 38-pin connector (only older cars, pre-2001), or via Mercedes-Benz proprietary 14-pin connector. Our PC USB diagnostic interface supports over 26 multiplexed K-Lines and Mercedes-Benz diagnostics CAN-BUS interface (also known as CAN-D).

Standard diagnostic functions:

1. Read identification    2. Read extended identification    3. Read/Clear fault codes    4. Scanning for control units / Clearing fault codes in all control units   
5. Display of Actual Values    6. Actuator Tests    7. Reset of control units    8. Control unit adaptations   
9. Adjustment of injector injection quantities adaptation for Diesel Engines (CDI-4, CDI-5)
Special functions:
 1. By OBDII - Comprehensive Mileage Recalibration for W221 and W216 vehicles. The mileage is changed in the following units: CGW, EZS, Instrument Cluster and     all other units, which store the mileage (like Tire Pressure Monitor and Adaptive Brake, for example) , Read/Write service history records in ZGW of W221 S-Class     and W216 CL, Read/Write complete EEPROM and Flash of CGW (Central gateway) of W221 S-Class and W216 CL, Mileage Recalibration in dashboard for Vito, Viano, Sprinter     after 2006 year
    E-Class W211, CLS W219, GL X164, ML W164, R-Class W251, CLK W209, C-Class W203 and G-Class W463 
    A-Class W169, B-Class W245   
2. By OBDII - Mileage Recalibration for W204/W212/X204/W197/W207 vehicles. The mileage is changed in the following units: ASSYST, ASSYST Plus, EZS, Instrument Cluster   
3. By OBDII - Read/Write EEPROM of Dashboard control units, ESP, Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) and many others...     Online manual for Sensotronic Brake Control Repair   
4. By OBDII - Airbag - Read/Write EEPROM, Clear Crash Data, Erase Motohours   
5. Dump Tool - calculate mileage values, reset mileage values, clear airbag crash data, make engine control virgin and so on   
6. By OBDII - ECU - Read/Write Flash, Read/Write EEPROM of Engine Control Units   
7. DAS-2 - Generation of key dumps for vehicles with DAS-2 Immobilizer system.   
8. DAS-2a - Programming transponder keys for DAS 2a Immobilizer system (W168 A-Class).   
9. By OBDII - DAS-2b - Key Learning for Mercedes W163; Read/Write EEPROM of AAM/EAM control modules; Learn radio code of transmitter keys;

Deactivate/Reactivate keys   

10. Transponder generation   
11. By OBDII - TV/AUX activation/deactivation   
12. By OBDII - Seatbelt warning activation/deactivation   
13. By OBDII - Reverse warning activation/deactivation   
14. By OBDII - Activation/deactivation of Speed warning for Gulf States   
15. Electrical Steering Lock (ESL) - Read/Write/Unlock EEPROM of ESL for the following vehicles: W202, W208, W209, W210, W203, W211, W219 by direct connection to     the ESL module.     Please, note that in order to erase or write the EEPROM of this type of ESL you need to have the ESL database. Please, find the links for the ESL database on     http://abritus72.com/ESL%20database.pdf   
16. Electrical Ignition Switch (EIS, K-Line) - Read EEPROM of EIS and ESL modules by diagnostic connection to the EIS module; Open/Close ESL   
17. Electrical Steering Lock (ESL, CAN) - Disable/Enable keys; Write VIN of new units; Activate/Deactivate ESL; Activate/Deactivate EZS   
18. Generation of Dumps for programming keys for cars, which use DAS-3 system. With the IR Key Manager special function you can generate keys for the following     vehicles: W203, W208, W209, W210, W211, W215, W219, W220, W230, W639. The generated dumps should be programmed in the EZS, ESL and the key. For the key all NEC     processors and the following Motorola processor is supported: MA 567 880 051, 654 367 2004     For all owners of MN005 license - If you have a Motorola key (it doesn't matter if it is working key or not, as long as it is from the same car) we can send you     working key dumps without the need to disassemble, remove and read the EZS! Just read the EZS by diagnostics from the Special Function "EIS K-Line" and send     the dump together with the dump from the Motorola key to us . We will send you working key dumps FREE of charge within 1 working day.     ZN002 - NEC programmer - for NEC MCU's assembled in the IR-Keys   
19. By OBDII - Change ASSYST PLUS Service maintenance records   
20. By OBDII - Change ASSYST Service maintenance records    21. By OBDII - Read/Write COMPLETELY EEPROM of Central Gateway (CGW) via OBDII. Works for the following vehicles : W211, W171, W219, W164, X164, W169, W245, W204, W212, X204, W218    22. Custom requests    23. By OBDII - SMART key teach-in (K-Line and CAN)   
24. By OBDII - Renew of 7-Gear Electronic Transmission Control Unit (722.9) and ISM - Intelligent Selector Module

Operation Notes

2014/2015 -Software OS: Windows XP, Windows 7 32Bit System 2018 - up to Windows 10 Hardware: CPU:2.0G, Memory: 1G, USB Port: at least 2 ports

Manual och märke och modeller som stöds ( zip file )


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